A volunteer support programme for families

Home-Start is a volunteer programme for families, with young children, where at least one child is under school age. We offer support and guidance to families requesting assistance. Home-Start volunteers provide assistance by visiting family homes once a week for 2-4 hours, over a period of approx. 6 months.

The aim is to prevent unnecessary stress and strain, help families cope, and provide relief where needed.

The service is free of charge and works as a supplement to the public social service programs. Norway is a world leader in volunteer work, and half of the population takes part in volunteer work in one form or another. Their efforts make significant contributions to many individual’s life, but also to our society as a whole.

Home-Start is a global organization through their network Home-Start Worldwide.

Home-Start relies on mutual volunteering and can offer

  • A person with whom to share joy and sorrow.
  • A break from the daily routine.
  • Support and relief.
  • Parenting guidance.
  • Strengthening of the family network.
  • Home visits for 2-4 hours every week.
  • A free program based on mutual volunteering.

Which families receive support?

  • Families with at least one child under school age.
  • Families who themselves seek help and support due to everyday challenges.
  • Families lacking a support network.
  • Families with chronically-ill children or children with disabilities.

Life with young children is great, but it’s hectic. Sometimes just a small difference helps make everyday life more manageable.

Who are Home-Start volunteers?

  • Anyone wishing to become a Home-Start volunteer must complete a preparatory course.
  • Home-Start volunteers come from a wide range of backgrounds and ages.
  • Home-Start volunteers have the time and desire to be together with families with young children on a regular basis.
  • A coordinator pairs a Home-Start volunteer with a family according to preferences and needs.
  • The Home-Start volunteer is bound by a duty of confidentiality and provides a police certificate of good conduct.

There should be many more of you – I think many divorces would have been avoided if there were!